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Our optical fabrication department is set up and geared to acommodate the never ending demands for high quality optics with fast turnaround times. Our optical line covers everything from the simple flat window to the complex concave/convex meniscus lens for aberration control, from the steep radius of curvature of shorter focal length lenses to the flat window and mirror. Each optical component is carefully designed using the appropriate index of refraction at the specified wavelength, from shorter UV to the longer IR wavelength.
UV/VIS/NIR Optics   Antireflective Coatings
Plane and Parallel Windows   Single Layer & V AR Coatings
Spherical Plano Convex BX7 Lens   Broadband AR Coatings
Spherical Plano Convex UVFS Lens   High Power AR Coatings
Spherical Bi-Convex BK7 & UVFS lens   High Reflectors
Spherical Plano Concave BK7 & UVFS lens   Gas Laser Mirrors
Spherical Bi-Concave BK7 & UVFS lens   Solid State & Diode Laser Mirrors
Spherical Plano Concave BK7 & UVFS Mirror Blanks   Broadband Laser Mirrors
Right Angle Prisms   Metallic Coatings
Infrared Optics   High Power Nd:Yag Laser Mirrors
Infrared Plane Windows   Beamsplitters
Spherical Plano Convex ZnSe Lens   Beamsplitters & Output Couplers for Nd:Yag
Spherical Plano Convex Ge Lens   Harmonic beamsplitters for Nd:Yag
Spherical Plano Concave ZnSe & Ge Lens   Short Wave Pass / Long Wave Pass Dichroic Mirrors
Spherical Positive Meniscus ZnSe Lens   Partial Reflectors - Beamsplitters & Output Couplers
Spherical Positive Meniscus Ge Lens   Polarization Coatings
    Polarizing Beam Splitter Cubes
    Non-Polarizing Beamsplitter Cubes
    Thin Film Polarizers
    Specialty Coatings
    Telecommunications Coatings
    Erbium:Yag Coatings
    Infrared Coatings
    Infrared AR Coatings
    Infrared Partial Reflectors & Infrared Mirrors


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