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Optonetic Catalog

Substrates and Coatings

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Plane & Parallel Windows   Anti-Reflective
Spherical Plano Convex BK7 Lens   Single Layer & V AR Coatings
Spherical Plano Convex UVFS Lens   Broadband AR Coatings
Spherical Bi-Convex BK7 & UVFS Lens   High Power AR Coatings
Spherical Plano Concave BK7 & UVFS Lens   High Reflectors
Spherical Bi-Concave BK7 & UVFS Lens   Gas Laser Mirrors
Spherical Plano Concave BK7 & UVFS Mirror Blanks   Solid State & Diode Laser Mirrors
Right Angle Prisms   Broadband Laser Mirrors
Infrared Plane Windows   Metallic Coatings
Spherical Plano Convex ZnSe Lens   High Power Nd:Yag Laser Mirrors
Spherical Plano Convex Ge Lens   Beamsplitters
Spherical Plano Concave ZnSe & Ge Lens   Beamsplitter & Output Coupler for Nd:Yag
Spherical Positive Meniscus ZnSe Lens   Harmonic Beamseparator for Nd:Yag
Spherical Positive Meniscus Ge Lens   Short Wave Pass/Long Wave Pass Dichroic Mirrors
    Partial Reflector - Beamsplitter & Output Coupler
    Polarizing Coatings
    Polarizing Beamsplitter Cubes
    Non-Polarizing Beamsplitter Cubes
    Thin Film Plate Polarizers
    Specialty Coatings
    Telecommunications Coatings
    Erbium:Yag Coatings
    Infrared Coatings
    Infrared AR Coatings
    Infrared Partial & Infrared Mirrors


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