About Us


Optonetic is a precision thin-film coating and optical component provider located in beautiful Orlando, FL for almost 20 years.

Our experience and knowledge, along with the latest technology optical coating equipment, guarantees that we provide you with the finest quality optical coatings and complete optics to meet your spectral specifications. From standard processes to custom requirements, from prototypes to full-scale production, we are the optical organization you can count on.

Our highly skilled team has multiple decades of combined experience in the Photonics Industry and is always there for all of your optical coating needs. We constantly strive to raise the bar through innovation and advanced technologies. Our goal is always:

  • Superior Quality
  • Competitive Pricing
  • 48 hour turnaround times available

Technology Flexibility

Optonetic utilizes the latest E-Beam evaporation techniques techniques including:

  • Cold Plasma Ion Assisted Deposition (CPIAD)
  • Hot Plasma Ion Assisted Deposition (PIAD)
  • Ion Assisted Deposition (IAD)

Our technology advantage allows us to design and manufacture coatings beyond the capabilities of our competition from the 193nm up to 8-12 micron spectral ranges. We have customized our processes with Laser Induced Damage Threshold as a top priority and our coating performance exhibits that with LDT >60J/cm2 available. The previous makes our capabilities a great fit for all High Power Laser and Precision Optics requirements. Our CPIAD process mentioned above allows us to perform complex multi-layer coating on Polymer and other low temperature substrates which has many applications for Autonomous Driving and other LIDAR based products. We provide In-House Custom Coating Design and Testing in our ITAR Registered and Controlled Florida Headquarters including: various AR Coatings, Beamsplitters, High Reflectors, Mirrors, Mid/Far IR Coatings and Laser Line Filters amongst others.

Optonetic has also partnered with a select group of glass manufacturers and polishers to offer complete "Turn-Key" Optics to the market. We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers and business partners while staying on the cutting edge of thin-film deposition.

Top Notch Customer Service

Our dedication extends beyond an outstanding product into providing strong customer service to build long lasting relationships with our clients. We work relentlessly toward earning your confidence and trust by providing you the best product and the fastest delivery at a fair price.


If you wish to find out more about us, click on the learn more button or the magazine cover to read our article in Optics and Photonics News put on by the OSA.

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