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Optics and Precision Optical Coating Services

* A variety of optics are available in many substrate configurations. See our Web Catalog for details.

  Optonetic is a precision optical coating services facility, with expertise in thin-film processes for optical components. Our experience and knowledge, along with the latest technology optical coating equipment, guarantees that we provide you with the finest quality optical coatings meeting your spectral specifications. From standard processes to custom requirements, from prototypes to full-scale production, we are the optical organization you can count on. Our highly skilled team is always there for all of your optical coating needs. We constantly strive to raise the bar through innovation and advanced technologies. Our goal is always superior quality, quick delivery and keenly competitive pricing.
  Technology Flexibility
  Optonetic utilizes the latest production evaporation techniques including
  - Cold Plasma Assist
- Hot Plasma Assist
- Ion Assist
All are integrated with the most sophisticated and time-tested instruments that includes computer based automation, remote control, process monitoring, trending, data analysis and recovery. The powerful automation and control systems facilitate process optimization, repeatability, and trouble shooting.
  Unique Coating Characteristics
  - Super Hard Coatings on Plastics, Crystals, and other materials
- Ultra High LDT Laser Damage Threshold Level
- Non- Radioactive IR Coatings
- Stress Free Coatings
  Optical Coatings Available
  - Antireflection Coatings
- High Reflectors
- Mirrors
- Beamsplitters
- Polarization Coatings
- Specialty Coatings
- Infrared Coatings
  Industries Served
  - Aerospace/Avionics/ Defense
- Security
- Imaging
- Displays
- Scientific Instruments
- Consumer Electronics
- Medical Instruments
- Photographic Instruments
- Telecommunications
- Biometric/Biomedical/Biophotonics
- Lighting
- Industrial Instruments
- Scanning

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